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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Maybe im thinking too much??

Maybe i was the only one who care?
Maybe i was the only one who concern?
What makes me in continueing believing?
Its you. 
When there are times i was thinking to give up, i remembered the good time we had. 
When there are times i feel so down, i remembered the advises you gave. 
You taught me not to let anyone to be my everything,
But you didnt teach me how not to make you to be my everything!
It had been months. But for me it is still effortless. What should i do to make you at least notice me?? 
I might be nagging and making you frustrating. 
But if i didnt care you, why should i even want to text you?? 
There isnt much that i can do for you. 
And if there is, that will only be sitting quietly beside you, please at least let me be there for you?
No matter how hard the situation is, please share with me. 
I know i cant help you solve your problem, but i promise i wont let you face it alone. 
I really dun wana say this, but i felt like useless.. 
Even if im there. I will only be the one that owes interupting you, annoy you, disturbing you. 
How i wish i can do anything jz for you. 

Maybe i was really thinking too much. 
But from what i see, it seemed like i was being deserted. 
I understand that you have your life and you want me to have mine too. 
But did you know how much i wanted to tie my life to yours???

Maybe i did too much and annoyed you. Maybe you feel that im very annoying. 
Maybe.... Maybe.... Maybe.... Maybe....

There are so many maybe inside my mind. I do not have a solution. 
I do not wana burden you with my problem as well. 
I can only lay there staring at the ceiling and keep asking myself.  Is he still there???
I can only keep myself busy from thinking these non-exist questions. 
I can only smile and says, im fine. 

Whats unknown remind silents. 
I never will ask you. 

Maybe someday. When you tell me you do not need me anymore, i will jz leave you silently. 
Maybe someday when you realise i had been there, i might have already left. 
Maybe someday, who knows when that someday will come. 

I cherish every moment that we had. 
I precious every smile that you gave me. 
I treasure every words that you shared. 

No matter what is waiting ahead of us, i jz wana say... Please. When you feel tired, turn back and find me behind you, i will be waiting for you to come and pick me up, so we can continue the journey together. 

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