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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Random from 21st October 2013

has been a great day yesterday.... family hang out session again~~~~~ 5of us went out around 7plus and head straight to the mall!! went & met john at the food court, then they suggest to go Excapade for dinner so we went... had some good foods, carving satisfied... then my bro said he wanted to go kiulap to get some hair dye, im the driver once again >< then we went to the store at kiulap, but found out that the color wasnt as expected, so we head back to the mall again... not for too long, we are tired of walking, the time shows 9.20 then we head back home... when reach home its almost 10pm, but my bro insists wanted to dye his hair... so, i helped him put the colour on his hair and ask him wait for an hour or so... eventually i waited him for 2hrs and slp late at almost 1.30... tired!!!! here is an image of the result when the colour on his hair~~~~ taadaaa~~~~

Monday, October 21, 2013

Being lack out???

been 2yrs and stil counting... tons and tons of happens... changed job, changed school, changed BFs and alot more.. surrounding did changes an individual... but this post is dedicated to that someone, whom i saw his blog and decide to make some statement for myself. when i re-read the past posts that i posted in my blog, first thing in my mind: wtf did i post tat at that time????? i admit i've been losing quite alot of my memories, i too stop the habit of writing the diary myself. this makes me think, will i remember wat happened to me after 10 or 20 years??? so from this day onward, i wil try to post my blog and make it alive i dun wana lost my memory, i wana know how silly i was... hehehe so, even if there is no one reading, i wil be my own reader~~~ a loyal one... but.... i cant think of anything much to write now >< sorry for being so dramatic... gahhhh!!!!!!!! tats all for now~~~