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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Another happy day of my life

Today.. I received a gift.. When i wake up.. I walk out the room, my mum hand me a purse. She tell me tat is my 21st bday gift.. I tel her its stil early.. She say.. Buy liaw mah, so give u lah..

I went back to my room, and i open it.. Suprisingly.. I found a pendent.. A gold pendent in key shape.. Omg... I'm so happy.. I keep it up..

It was the second time my mum give me jewelry.. The first one is a golden crystal bracelet.. My 18th birthday present.. I too keep it..

My mum actually give me a lot of things.. Like when i'm 15. I tel her i wan2 buy a phone. The day before my birthday, she came my school to fetch me, then she bring me to yayasan huaho there choose.. We even met the local singer tat day..

When i'm 19. I tel her i wan2 buy a laptop.. The day before my bday too, she bring me go choose.. Altho its a second hand, i'm satisfy..

My mum love me alot.. But i keep thinking, tat i always make her angry, make her sad.. I feel guilty.. I wanted to let her happy.. I wanted to let her feel, having me is a proud for her.. I always wanted to let her be proud..

I just don know how.. I wish someday.. Mayb.. She'll feel proud, having me as her first daughter.. Wat i can do now, is just listen to her, don argue wit her, and just don fight back her words..

Mamy.. I know u wont get to see this.. But i wanted to let u know.. Tat i always love u.. Much much..

Has been awhile, since i update.. Here wil be a slight statement.. I'm totally in love with william.. Who get me as his gf.. And care me lot..

Til here by then.. Hope to update more soon..