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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy father's day

when saying bout dad.. What i rmb the most is.. Since i'm very little, he's very dark, he has short hair, he has black nail, he has strong body and thats it.. But i never know why my dad have it.. Until the day i've knowledge bout his work, mechanic.

My dad has to stand below the sun and repair car, and he tanned his skin.. He has to be strong to check out wat the problem is, with the car.. Black nails is caused by those black oil.. He has short hair because its hard to go below de car if he has long hair.. Has been 25years he stay in brunei.. Since he's very young he already started to work, as a mechanic.. Then he get married with my mum.. And have five of us lil kids..

I always thinks that my dad don care me.. Don ask bout us, and i bet he don even know our birthday.. But i didn't know that how hard he has to work, to make a living for all of us.. Altho my dad don talk much with us, but i know he care us alot..

An example would be, last year, when i was having my license classes and wanting to get a car license.. He say nothing but he bought a car for me, before i even got de real license.. He repaired de car, fixed everything and make sure everything is ok for me.. And alot alot more..

Thats my dad.. A 50years old man.. But my dad's appearance, only look like he in 40 plus.. He is a very good dad..

During my study time, our knowledge has increased alot, but to our day, its just very little. Bcoz, we get up at 6plus and go skul at 7, but my dad wake at 7.30 and he go to work at 8. We went home at 12 o'clock and has free afternoon but my dad has to stand below de sun and do his job. He return home at around 5.30 or sometym 6plus.. Depends on how busy he is..

The first word came out from his mouth wil owes be 'go read your book' or 'have u guys had your dinner' or 'its late, go to slep'

I know dady care.. Just he don know how to express out.. And plus, he is also very tired after long day at work.. We have to understand his too..

Altho my dad is strict, and old-fashioned, but he accepted us wearing sexy.. I believe he know that we're teenagers oledi.. (lol)

Recently, when he went and pick me up from work, he would ask how's my day, how's my job, how's everything.. I know he care, just that he don speak out.

I love my dad.. But i never tell.. I don know why.. Just cant say it out.. But.. I really love my dad.. Happy fathers day

this is my dad~~~~

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

its june now

wow, time sure goes fast~~ without any obvious notice, its june already...its my sixth month working~~~ recently, trying to get along with my collegue and making new friends there at work...it was hell of fun there~~

some extra information bout myself then. im no longer single = im taken by someone = i've got bf already ^^ ^^ i do hope this relationship goes more longer then i could think...its all bout the sweet moment ^^

juz tat u know, its my off day today, so i have the time for this post... but usually, i do have the time for posting.... juz that im toooo LAZY....so yea... haha lack of update... but stil..i love blogging...to express myself and to release stress too sometym..

soon or later after posting this blog, i'll be going out hanging there// somewhere, which i stil dun knoe where i'll be... lol lame~o.....going out once or twice in a week make it juz fine for me...i do wish i've more free time foe a movie or two~~ wakakaaka..i do enjoy going out.. sometym alone, or sometym, saw someone i knoe, out theere. i'll juz go n chit chat wit them...juz fren wa!!!! lols

hmmm....im thinking of changing my cell phone soon due to the current-laoya-cant speak-rosak phone..but i stil have no idea wat phone to buy... mayb next mobth before my birthday perhaps? i gotta buy something for myself..

saying bout bbirthday... hmmmmm.. i never really have great bday b4...the last celebration wit fren, was, so far tat i can remember, at my primary two.. where my mum went to skul n organize a small party for me inside my class... n i was in a pink princess dress.. i guess tat was the last tym?? after tat, nah not really... i've got few reasons for why~~

1. i dun have much fren when im at secondary skul.. some of those are juz fren, some are unknown to me... some even treat me like enemy.. dun noe why o.0

2.i've got no $$ to organize party n blanja frens... tat why

3. not popular, so mno one wil remember it, althought my birthday is easy to remember... haha

4.last, but no least, no one celebrate wit me... lols..

pathetic huh...now, this is me... im anang be the one who being forgot or left behind... i've got no confident for everything even myself...altho i did tried my best to make up everything, but nothing seemed to be working out nicely...

now now, its tym for me to say gud bye ^^ next tym then..