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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

my visitors just reached 1000

or more??? hehe...it should be good thing right??

well, here's a lil update bout me.... its midnight now and i'm in dark facing my bro's pc and typing this...i'll be sleeping after this...

today, wat i did was, i clean my bed, AGAIN~~~ lols...its a bit dusty so i remove all things on my bed ang sweep nicely....then, fold all the clothes properly and put nicely...then clean the small table and clear for more space... after tat...i throw some of my cloth to bathroom ready to wash... hehe...

then, i felt my bed is comfort enough...i pull out a diary and start writing...bla bla bla... all junks and secrect...hehe...then half way writing...i'm stuck here in front of the pc....

aneway...i added a new thing on my blog...that is, my facebook badges...so now those who got fb....could juz click on the badge and you're connected to me~~ convinient...but i juz realise after so long tym and so many ppl have this widget...lols i know i'm not up to date~~~

okie then....got to slep now~~ bye~~ (time shows 12.40am)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oh shit..

Last few days i was writing a post bout my driving experience after a year of license.. Then i don know if i've posted or wat.. The second day i woke up with my phone off.. So i guess the battery dead.. Then just now, i went and check.. I was like, wat the hell.. Where is my last post bout driving? Oh crap.. It was a long one.. Sigh.. I'm too lazy to redo it again.. How? This stupid opera mini cant save it automatically? Crap..