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Sunday, February 07, 2010

A half day at miri

I woke up at 4plus am.. And then my dady call me at around 5. We start the journey at 5.20. Reach custom at around 6plus. Reach miri at 7.30.

At miri, we went straight to the aunt xray there.. She so nice telling us where cheap where expensive.. Then she said doctor alim would be a good choice.. So me and dady walk there, since its very near..

When reach there, the nurse straight register for me.. After i filled in the form, she bring me to the back.

She measure my weight and height.. Then bring me to the room and ask me to sit there.. Then measure my blood pressure.. Then my eyesight..

After i sit down, she say she'll take my blood sample.. So i sit there.. I look at other side, don look at how she cucuk the needle.. I feel the pain feel on my hand.. And the sharpness of the needle.. And before she goes in.. She said sorry.. Then i feel the pressure of the sharpness.. And awhile, she press the cotton wool and stick bandage.. I ask her, already? In a curious way, means, so fast? She answered yes..

Then she hand me a bottle, and ask for my urine sample.. Ok.. Skip this detail.. Lol..

Then the nurse tel us tat, we go to xray first, then go back there, which we did. We walk back to the aunt there, with the doctor's form.. She then register for me, and bring me to the xray room. She call me to change cloth and stay at the board of xray..

She ask me to breathe hard and stay.. I did.. In just a flash of eyes, she said its done and call me to change back..

We wait there a lil while, and then after she pull out my xray, she put it in envelope, and ask us to go back doctor alim there. I ask her how much then she say no need, and pay straight at doctor alim there.. I said thank u, then we go.

Back to doctor alim, i hand the xray to nurse.. And they ask us to stay there bcoz i need to see the doctor. Then awhile, the nurse call my name. I went in.. And sit down..

The doctor said i'm physically healthy but they need to know how my blood test is.. And then he tel me tat i need to change my glasses, before i go.. Lol

Then i tel dady tat i'm healthy.. And pay to the counter, RM 105... Then we go out.. Dady ask me, u wan2 buy new year cloth right, then he take the car, and drive to the shopping..

At there, he ask me to choose myself.. And i say when i'm done i'll call him. He say ok.. Then i start looking around.. I picked four red shirt.. Two whole red two striped white and red. I try on the stripeds first, and choose one of it.. Then i went back, and put back the remaining one.

Then i took both the whole red, and try on me.. Both actually nice.. But the other one is kinda thin.. So i choose the another one..

Each of the cloth cost RM 19.90. So i paid RM 38.80 to the counter and went out.. I took out my mobile and wan2 try to call out, but cant.. I see there's place selling numbers, so i went downstair.. I go to digi.. After choosing number, the guy ask for my ic.. Malaysia ic.. Luckily i've got it.. Lol..

He fix my line for me, then open the line for me.. After awhile, its done.. So i say thanks and pay him RM 10. Then i straight call to my dady. I told him tat i'm done.. And he said he's outside.. So i went out..

I told him tat i got two cloth and bought a number.. He tegur me.. Sayin tat, sarawak line call malaysia, very expensive.. I just diam2.. Lol..

Then he ask me wat i wan.. I said i wan2 buy novel.. So i went and ask the salesgirl where got sale.. She say, k k bookstore.. So we went.. We walk here and there.. Round here round there.. Just when we gonna give up, i see the store.. Lol.. So i tel dady i'm going in for a look.. He say he'll sit beside and wait for me.

I walk in store but found nothing.. No novel.. Not even 1novel found.. Duh..

Then i went to my dady.. And we sit there keng kai yam cha.. Haha.. Then i went to another shop and see those clothes.. Not nice at all.. Then i tel dady tat i wan2 go mega hotel there to buy the novel.. He say we can wait since time is stil early.. So i sit there..

Don know for how long we were there.. Then i see my watch shows 10.00. I told dady tat we can go there and since mega hotel near to doctor alim place we could walk there when time come til i collect my report.. So he finish his kopi and we went to take our car..

Dady park at doctor alim there, and we walk to mega hotel. I straight went to second floor, the book store.. Inside is all novel and comic.. I ask the girl, no new year sale? She said no.. Lol.. So i borrow the chair and climb up.. Choosing 6novel, and said i'm done.. Chit chat wit her awhile, then dady say we go back to doctor alim there.

At there, i show the receipt to the nurse and nurse say my report just out.. So she say she'll write the report, and call me to wait..

Dady say luckily we went early.. Actually the nurse ask us to go at 12. But we went at 11. So we sit there and wait.. Wait wait wait..

Around half hour later, the nurse call me.. She said my blood test and urine test are fine.. And doctor signed it.. So we could go.. We walk to our car and dady drive to 2020 to buy some roasted food..

Then we head straight to brunei.. I slept in almost half of the journey bcoz i'm too tired.. But it was a fun day ^_^

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Experience on new contact lens

I'm getting a pair of new Contact lens today.. Awesome.. Me and my bro went to the spec shop and said we wan2 wear contact lens.. They check my degree first, and said my light shine is too high.. So they say i cant wear it.. Then my bro can..

He was bought to a glassed room.. And there's a gal helping him out.. I was there looking at his hilarious action haha.. He took so long tym to put in the contact lens and having trouble as his eyes are small.. I was looking at him.. Tat he looked so so funny..

Then i discuss wit my mum.. And actually with light shine, i could wear, just not very clear.. So the person there ask me, if i want to.. So i say yes.. And my bro, after wear and take out, and wear again, took half an hour or so.. And then my turn..

I went inside, wash my hand, and the gal hand me the contact lens.. I took it, and poke it into my eyes, less than few min.. And the second one, same, took it, and then poke in.. Less than few min too..

The gal there ask, are you really first timer wearing contact, i say yes.. But i owes see my frens at skul poking and removing their contact lens, so i know how.. Haha.. It only took me few min to wear it.. I even show the gal, i took it out, and put in again..

She said, wow, you're even faster than your bro. so.. Hell yea.. I'm more greater than my bro.. Haha

And altho the right are not very clear, but at least, i can see without wearing spec.. And tat's great.. Woowee