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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

has beeen awhile since last update

quite a few things happened in between~~
the first thing is, i've part time jobs~~ two~~
one is tem-tem-temporary~~~
and one is i have to go there every week~~
the first job taken is in a printing company~~
the next one is the job i did b4, which is, selling mobile phone~~
but i think i'll quit both jobs soon, and gonna work for full time in some super market~~
i hope~~ bcoz i haven go for interview~~

and then, another stuff happened is, i broke up wit leon~~
altho its kinda sad~~ but i have to overcome it~~
and nowadays i'm in single life~~
got ppl chase pulang~~
juz tat i dun accept~~ (not yet accept)

then, i have great interest in learning korean~~
thanks to john who taught me some basic korean words~~
xp xp he will be mine, perhaps @_@

til here first ^_^ next update soon~~ i hope~~