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Friday, October 30, 2009

ya'll know what??

early this month, i promised myself not to eat fast food like fries and burger...but, i DID it THREE times... and now i'm worrying if i can fit in the dress i'm planning to wear for prom night in december... agrh, i really need to keep fit now~~

see how FAT i'm last month?? now i think i gain 2more kg~~ crap~~~ btw, meet my colleague, joey~~ try and guess how young she is?? i bet u'll be surprise ^^

and about the dress

i wana wear this~~ wat ya'll think?? post at my chatbox for some ideas and suggestion plz~~

that's all for today~~


lol, don get the title by mistake~~ i'm about to say that, this is the first time i write my blog using my laptop, eh, strange huh?? yea, i normally use my phone to blog~~

so urmm, about today a bit then, i've finished my accounting juz now in the morning, then my mum bring me to New You Mee at gadong there, and i went and bought my breakfast... was damn hungry after the exam~~


haha i found tat somewhere...i forgot where...i am stil learning how to upload the pics, so, i'll upload one by one, and next tym my blog will be full of pics~~~ they say practice makes perfect~~ DUH~~

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I wont be posting for a month or so..due to my exams are coming soon..anyone who viewed this, go to the beside and tag me good luck..thanks in advance..and its my time to slep..goodnight =)

P/s: this suppose to be post last night before i slep..guessed i felt asleep again..lol..

Saturday, October 03, 2009

A great day wit a great person..

A planned date today..planned around a week ago. Actually it was going fun and sweet, but was broke by a call.

As usual, having class in the morning, and my mum came and take me at 11.30am. Then i ask her to send me back home first due to i'm going out later, and i'm gonna bath.

So, i bath, and wait at home. For around 1hr i waited. Then my mum is back at 1pm. Tat tym i oledi had my lunch, so i asked her to send me out.

She drop me at outside de mall, usual place, then when i arrived, i walk up, and went to food court to meet my dear.

Then we walk walk walk. For 2hours we walk here and there chit chat and have lots of fun. And we went to kbox and sing too.

Then i ask him to accompany me to cd shops to find 'where got ghost' and there we go unitek. We seperate, he walk and see his 'english' section while i see de chinese and hong kong series..and i saw 青青河边草.....i was searching for tat for so many years le..so much i want tat movie....it cost 42buck..then i ask my fren, i forgot her name le, to less, discount for me..and final discounted price is $36. Stil expensive for me..

When i was thinking, my mum called, and she just ask me where is pauline..then she just scold and say few word..then close the call..

I feel down, so i just tel dear tat we go back mall..we sit there..both feel down..he blame himself..but i don wan him to blame himself..so i keep wanting him to smile.. =)

Then we keep talk talk talk..and we chat many stuffs..and then i ask him to accompany me to walk walk in ug..there, we walk for around 1hour. Then after tat we buy takoyaki and went up and eat..tasty =)

Then after i buy the second time takoyaki, my mamy call, and i gtg..then dear ate one i ate two and then i walk down..dear walk wit me =) then when we almost arrive the venue, we hugz hugz =) so so sweet..

Tat all sweet stuffs me and him has today =) so so sweet and fun wit him..

Friday, October 02, 2009

A note for myself

As i posted in facebook..i wil not have fast food for one month, and tat's a promise to myself..i wil not only to say, but to do too..i wan2 lose weight. I wan2 lose 5 kgs..i wan2 be slimer, i don wan my tummy..i just wan2 get slimer..i'll just try my hardest to slim down..

My dady's flight tonight..

My dady going to malaysia today, due to The God Monkey's birthday on sunday. So..my dad doesn't celebrate Mooncake Festival with us this year..

Went to airport at around 6pm. My mamy go check in and then dady park car. After tat, dady come back and hand us money and call us to go jolibee to buy some food..

At first, we called de set burger. 3ladies order..xp.. Then, when dady come, mamy go order double meal. Got fries, spegetti (wrong spell), 2double coke, and chicken and rice. It was so delicious..de foods..my lil sibling order double ice cream..haha, we shared..

We move here and there due to no seats..then my mum found 2tables outside, so, we occupied there. Have our dinner, and i ate quite alot..

After dinner..we send dady down the waiting place, after seeing him go inside, we just walk out..til tat tym baru i realise i'm damn full..lol, stomach lagging? Haha

Then my lil sis queue for paying de parking. After we walk to our car there and drive straight home. It only took 5min or plus. Wat does it mean? We leave near? No no..my mum drive fast..haha

Then arrive home i just bath, then blog..

Thursday, October 01, 2009

I've that sickness again..

There goes a month again..every month this time, i'll felt sick, stomach ache, fever, tooth pain, coughing and nose running.

The heatness? The weather? I don noe..but just i know tat, after my period come, this sickness just go away automatically..

My mum say i not enough blood. I myself say i not enough zinc. Doctor say i not enough iron. So, who's correct? Duh~

Since form 1 when i start menstrual cycle, these sickness just came..everytime when the period, i'm in bad condition..

I'll have bad mood, and i cant control tat mood..sometime, i can be friendly, but most of the time, i'm in my worst mood. Tat is de time i don go near my fren, bcoz i scare i hurt them..so..tat tym, i just wan2 be alone..

During period, the stomach pain wil stay, til my menstrual finish. It just damn pain..and i don like tat feel at all..