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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Memories of me and my dear

We first (i really meant first time, before this, we never went out alone, or even in groups) went out was on the 22nd september..we walk around the mall and took pictures..

Our 'couple-like close' picture are uploaded on the 23rd september..on facebook, tat was just to show how lovely it is if we being together..

We started couple on 24th september..it was a sweet and fun day..all i can do is smile when i think bout him..

Our relationship was being confirm by putting 'in relationship with' sign on the 25th september..in facebook, for the 'whole world' to see..

26th, 27th, nothing else special..just..i missed my dear alot..and i'm pretty sure, he did the same too =)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wit my baobei koko de half day, de best..

Woke up at 9plus and had bath..then online for awhile, and wait for my hair to get dry..

Today i had i really fun day, out wit chun liang since 12plus pm just now..his mum send us there..then he had his lunch and we talked..

Then walk to mall and sing at kbox then went shop shop and talk alot alot..then walk by cd shops...and we both had burgers..it just so so sweet =)

And we talked alot bout our stuffs..and how great we get to meet back each other..and had a great photo session..took lots of pics..coupled de also got..haha

Then also walk 'round' mall and talk..haha..had drinks together, and share how nice we could have be..and wanting for another 'date' lol..

At 6plus his bro called and said he's gonna pick him up soon..so i walk him there..and had a lil chat..then i wave him good bye~

After tat i walked back to mall and bought breads..then met a ling..and yp..just talk wit a ling awhile and then i went to find my bro..

Then after awhile..i saw my fren, johnson and han..then we just talk talk and i companied them awhile before i went to justoy's food zone and had dinner..

After dinner i follow edward's car wit my bro them and we went to pool centre..they played for around 1hour..

After tat, edward send me and xiang home..at home, so bored..then we suggest to play majong..and then teached them to play..after majong then big2..

Then my parents came back..then we stop big2, and i went back to room and, blog..til here..tata..

I miss you my baobei koko~

Monday, September 21, 2009

Its raya

Like other years, before 12am, raya, i msg all my malay fren, those who i owes contact and this is my habit since few years before..but those malay frens of mine, i oledi msg them through facebook msg..

I don noe why..just found tat it is a habit for me..raya, or christmas, or chinese new year, i'll usually msg my close frens..

Urmm..i found tat some wil reply and some wont..but i'm ok wit it..bcoz i just wan those who i msged, tat i care for them..some are really sweet and great tat they owes wil reply..i appreciate them alot..

Thanks asreel, isa, and shin ko, that they reply me after receive my msg..mayb others wil be coming soon but i just wan2 let them noe tat i care for them..

I only msged 16frens..mostly are my current fren or close frens..just like before, last year, or last last year..not tat much..

And one of my fren, amin, he is my monitor..its his birthday today..wow, birthday and raya together..tat's so cool..so he did received a special msg..xp xp

I haven msg my teachers, plan to msg them later early morning..mayb later i can go to my fren's open house..stil not so sure tho..

For sure tat i'll be going out wit my kawaii koko on tuesday..cant wait to see him..wonder how he'll look after so long tym..hehe..

Has been watching too much tv these few days til i feel bit dizzy..so, stop here first..

Friday, September 18, 2009

Post before i slep

All i can say bout today is tat, i feel doom..not in tat great mood..just went out awhile, during lunch time..

Being chase for few days..crap..tat guy, i feel annoy..but i don noe how to reject..or just simply being cool to him and ignore him..how?

Went facebook this afternoon, using laptop..ok, i upload de pics i took yesterday..new and fresh..my 'ling gan' which ppl called feel, came, so i took tons of pictures..

Today whole afternoon and evening and night i stayed in room..all i did was watching television..finished pokemon, 6dvds, now started to watch d.i.e again..hong kong quite new movie..i watched 8episodes..wow..

Urmm..forgot wat else to write..this post suppose to be put up last night..lol..til here then..

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Brand new day for me..

Its stil in my holiday, today, actually is yesterday..i went out with my frens..i went there at around 12plus, and my frens came at 2plus so we not jadi to watch de movie le..

First thing, pei xiao ting and have her lunch at jolibee, then, surprised me tat ck came..lol..

Then, after ting finish her lunch, 6of us (me, ting, pauline, su huang, ke and ck) agree tat we're going to snow house..so we went..

There, i called snow white (lychee favour ice with coconut jelly and some milk powder on top of de ice)..i shared with xiao ting..pauline called plum yogurt ice, su huang called kiwi green tea ice, ke called melon punch, and ck called green tea crush (?)...

I tasted all of them's except ck's..lol..then me and my baby xiao ting started taking pictures..keep vaining..lol..and took alot..

After picture, we eat and chat..this and tat..random stuffs....after eating, we went back to de mall..urmm..ting say she wan2 go shopping, so i company her..then awhile, we walk to arcade and sing..

But she don like there, so we walk to funland, and sing again..haha lol..3songs together..lol..after tat..i walk wit ting, and we walk around the mall for window shopping..it was damn fun, first tym i shop like tat..lol..

We went and see clothes..then we arrive at ug..she picked a set of clothes and call me to change..lol so i did..and..my god..i've lil tummy..omg omg..then..ck said they wan2 go liaw..

So me and ting went to foodcourt find them..stayed awhile then ting say she is going to faceshop..so i followed..after tat, ck texted..and then..we go down de excalator (plz help me to correct de spelling) and i ask ck if he can send me home..

So..yea..he send me home..lol..after i arrived home..i get change and walk to riverview and then jog and play bball..for quite awhile..then walk back with xiang and albert..

Today i didn't touch or switch on my laptop..lol..evening..chat wit vinchy..discuss stuffs..and lots of sad moment tat i've is similar..then..went offline at 10plus

At around 1plus..woke up suddenly..text ben awhile then i go online..and i pm chun liang..so we chat chat and chat..and i picked up a big bro..which is him..happy =) talk alot and break de ice today =)

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Wat is so called fair? Wat is so called promise? Why no one is fair? Why everyone break their promise? I hate, i sad, i hurt, i say, but never wil be care..

They said, parents are de greatest, til today i realise its not..someone who promised to give me, but, scare being scold, then just let the stupid one do wat ever she like, wat kind of parent it is?

From the start, it said tat would be share, but wat i get in the end, a stupid name on the stupid things but the owner is other. How hurt it is?

Everything she wan, is granted, but wat bout me? Am i an excess? Just say it, and i could end the life anytym..

Its so unfair..i feel so unfair..she is damn younger, but wat she wan, its granted at tat second..

I only wan to go movie, but wat the reason? Its chinese july..wtf..why he can go but i cant? Why she can play but i cant? Why they have freedom but i cant? Just because i'm de eldest?

Wat wrong if go cinema during chinese july? Wat wrong if go out wit fren? Wat wrong if i've freedom? I'm 19, not 9. I noe how to take care myself, not like tat stupid, she is just 13, why she can have everythin? Its so unfair u noe?

She can buy anything without kena bomb, but i just buy single thing and kena said for whole day. She fail her study and retain one year, and didn't get scold. I just fail one subject and kena AK 47. It just tat unfair..is it fair?

A post for me to release all..

Sorry no translation..





Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Gotten results..crap..

Start skul today..first period i'm having ps so no class..stays in library but cant connect at all..crap..so..pass through 55min wit nothing. I played plants vs zombies for awhile.

Second period is general paper..teacher only give us back the question paper and not our answer paper, stil don noe de mark. Our class ends at around 9.30 bcoz teacher going audi..

Third period is economic, teacher give back the paper..i only get 13 out of 100..super failure..

Forth period is math. Teacher give back our paper as well..total is 16.8 after calculate the average and stuffs..double failure..

Last period is accounting. Teacher give back the papers. After calculate, i only get 36.5, but its grade e..stil failure..

Why did i do so badly this tym..it just craps..............

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Would be another sleepless night?

Keep on thinking and viewing back the stuffs he told just now..was it coincidence? I've already felt the coldness he gave, since last week..i know that something wil happen to us, just doesn't expect it came so fast..


I just don noe why..fren? Are we really fren? Has been two years we have no contact..and then, just start like tat? It is almost impossible. There, stuffs happen le..its me who think too much le mayb? Or i'm too desperate for someone to love me? And being happy when heard someone like me? I'm stil brainless..until now..after these things happens, i stil don noe how to control myself? Wat am i suppose to do to make myself stop thinking? He told me to stop thinkin negatively..but he treat me negative..wat should i do to stop these? Reject everyone after this? Someone is stil waiting for me..i know there is..he told me. But wat i know, and i did is, reject him. And mayb this is my payback?

Wat is my feel? Hurt? Heartbreak? I don noe......just feel sad in tat moment. After awhile, i cool down..then think, i haven really meet him. So wat de idea of being together, without the sweetness? So, might as well, we stay fren, and, no matter wat he choose, i.ll respect him.

I asked him, wat if when he have the feel wit me, i'm oledi belong to others? He said, i'll just wish u well. Its real, i like him, from last tym, and i admit it. Well, mayb everything just happen so fast, til no time to think the correct and best way. Mayb being fren doesn't tat bad at all.

I rather noe these early than after we meet, he baru tel me. I.ll be more hurt, seriously. Am i really tat bad? Mayb i'm worth of being given these. And mayb it just a revenge for me. I don noe..

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Another sleepless night

Right now i'm backuping my files and going to update my pc..feel so terrible tonight, especially after something happened..31 is really a bad day for me.

Went to MD early in the morning. Was planning to stay at LT until my car come. Then my fren msg me to find him in one of the classroom. So i go and get my bling from Yvonne before i go and find my fren. My fren told me tat he argued and almost break up wit his gf. I listened to his bitter water for almost 2hours in skul.

Then i gave some advice and stuffs. And told him tat de rest he had to relie on himself. Then i went back to LT and lu thong and jack went out. Left tung lian, raffy, and tiong loong. I stayed there for awhile only then i called my mum to pick me. Then i saw the clock shows 10.25 so i walked to library there and wait for my mum. She came at around 10.45 and then we went to chms to pick up my lil sis.

After tat we head straight to seri golden leaf to have lunch. I called a roasted chicken rice. Then went to the next door and bought bling stickers. Then awhile, my mum called my sis phone then we went back. While going back, at the door there, i saw my god-brother, Danny. But never called him tat lo. I just say hi to him then i go back to restaurant for my lunch.

I don have much appetite so i don eat much. De leftover mamy call the aunt to tapao. And my mum also order stuffs for mine and my aunty house to pray. After order, we went to smmg to pick up my two other sibs then my mum drive home. Drop the two and then i follow her out again.

This tym my mum went to my dady workshop to take sample for sparepart then we go to ANW. But the sparepart didnt come yet but my mum have to go and bring my bro so we drive out first. My mum went to md and pick up my bro then, she told me and my lil sis tat she wil drop us outside mall and let me company her to find her stuffs. Then off we go..lol

The mall is quite quiet and bored. We went to the casing shop first then buy her silicon casing. After tat we went round the mall, aim-less. Really don noe wat to do but just walk around. I did saw few frens there..

Then my mum went and pick us at around 2.40. Then we went to stadium to pick my bro. He was learning car there.

After tat we went home. First thing to do is to continue to fold my incense paper. And then, my fren called and i went online for awhile. I saw him and i pm him but no reply. So mayb he's not around tat tym. I just stay for awhile then i left, and continue to fold de paper.

Wit tv, folding is more fun. I fold non stop til 8plus without my dinner first. Then i stop and pass my stuffs to my bro and i go and bath and then have dinner. Stil..i don have much appetite so i don eat much.

After dinner, i fold no more. I sat down and watch tv there. Boring-ness strike again. Lol

Then sit there watch til around 10plus and i went back my room to write these =) til now =)