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Friday, August 28, 2009

My brainless mind strike again..shit

Two days ago, i was at md using the printing machine. At my skul, we need a photocopy card. So i insert my card and start copy. After finish photocopy, i left wit my papers and stuffs..and guess wat..ya you're correct..i left my photocopy card there..

And until today i just realise when i flip through my card case, my photocopy card not there..wtf..crap crap crap..i get so nervous..why am i so brainless? Why cant i just remember stuffs..its important, or even unimportant stuffs..why cant i just remember everything..

Anyway, when i realised, i straight away called my brother to go and ask for me..then..he just reason banyak2 and say this and tat..i get so angry and say nvm la as tat was not his stuffs..wtf..this kind of bro?

Then i text my fren and asked for help as they owes go skul..right now waiting for de reply..i feel so useless bout myself..shit..

Delayed two days

Wat did i delay? The sad news of my june AS exam. Ok..i'm stupid, i cant read. Then? I get U for my economic and general paper. An E for mathematic and a D for my accounting.

Not only get this kind of result, i got scolded too..by who? My mum ofcoz, who else? Lol..anywho..i have now finish all my difficult subjects in my mock exams..leaving the easy one behind.

And guess wat? Just now around 9pm, i got online..ok, i actually put busy..then..i saw him. But for just a moment, after tat, he off le. To ignore me? Just tel me..i'll understand de..wat for hiding (kinda angry) lol..no la no more small gas for me..correction pen plz..haha

Just now online wit my lappy at home, thinkin if i can meet my someone, but..haiz..not to mention then. Then i check mail and facebooking..

Just tat no time for typing blog..haha..i usually use my phone to blog. Its easier this way, mayb, for me =)

Just now happened something funny. Before my mock exam, we went in the hall for temperature screening. Then, before my turn, there's few ppl, who temperature over 38. When check, me too over 38. Then teacher call us to stand aside and screen the others. There are more than 10 with 38 and above, then she say, i think its because you guys stand outside the hot sun. Cool down and i.ll screen again..haha lol..then my second test, ok, 37plus..passed..lol..so yea, went in the exam hall wit my fren zaitul =) we sit beside each other and wait for sir to say the exam start..

It just so random sudden haha =)

I was just wondering..is it worth to wait for someone tat u know you'll receive no repay? Lol being emo, think negative again *hit head hit head*

Anyway..i miss him..is he doing so too? Ah..i don noe..just wait til everything is reveal then. Time wil prove =)

Tomoro is friday. I've to go school on monday. Hmmm, wat other plan for lately agrh? Shopping? Nah.. Chatting? Mayb..depend on mood.. Urmm urmm.. Perhaps, eat more grow more weight? No way..i wan2 eat but not fancy bout weight thingy..i just measured not long ago..and, i've break 50kg. The heaviest in my whole life..omg omg..i'm thinking of some way to keep fit again..til here =) tata..

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Quite funny and happy today

Titled happy, but i've got a moment of not tat happy..

Early in the morning, i'm having my math class..suddenly my teacher asked my classmate to go and bring something from her staff room. When they came back, they carry a see box. Then they open the lid, and i could smell the smell..the mee..everyone take turn to take the mee, i wait til everyone took, i ask jerry to take for me..if know i don eat chilli so he don take alot.

When i ate the first bite, i was, wow, its delicious. First image when i saw the red mee, i was thinking it sure wil be spicy, but i stil have to eat since its teacher blanja. But tat mee is so delicious, no spicy at all..and it has potato on it..wow..

Tat was my first happy thing in this day. Then sad things happened. I don know its i think too much or wat. Around 10plus. I was on my facebook..viewing stuffs..i saw him then i click on his page. There it state, posted note, the time is two hour before. I click on the note and read. I don noe why, mayb its my jealousy again or wat. I saw gals name. And those tagged ppl..so i off it and start emo-ing.

With this mood i go to my gp class. My teacher bad mood and so she let us out early. I went back to LT. but i'm kinda stable tat tym. Then lu thong invite us to his class for lunch bcoz his class got party and then me, jerry, lu thong and raffy went. But then lu thong went away and left me and jerry there.

So again i asked jerry to help me get some mee, spagetti, the second tym i ate it. The first tym was yesterday when my sis suap me..i was like, wow too..lol..haha sakai..

Then we eat and talk and ate some ice cream too. I saved up my lunch money as my mum not sending lunch today. Yeah..xp xp..

Anyway, after the lunch, the guys are going out. I don follow. But tat tym i'm happy le..and forget the stuffs just now and don think bout it le..

The next happy things is, now, 8.30, me and my parents and sibs came mall to have dinner here. The first tym i saw my dady eat burger..haha..he call me to order for him..for 10years in my life, which i stil have memories, he never eat burger. Tat was funny stuffs happened today..

But the night stil long. Don noe wat wil happen later but i'm going home soon and continue my movie and study..relax relax..til now then..

Thursday, August 13, 2009

How many day i've been MIA

Since last post, on the 5th august....Quite some things happened..mention? Or not? Here i'm,.

on the 7th august..our first month re-establish of friendship..

8th august..a whole busy day in pusat ehsan..have alot of fun on de day..met my fren, charleston, there..and pauline too..just very very tired of de work but overall is fun..

9th august..wat have i done on this day? Forgetful me strike again..

10th, 11th august..nothing particular happened..

12th august..today is our first month unofficial relationship begin..did he forget? Not quite happy today..

13th august..the day just start..haven know wat wil happen today..

Looking forward to the future..i wont be online blogging for quite some time due to my mock exams..so..just like today wont know tomoro stuffs..just wait and see then..i'll stop here..

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Wat's wrong wit everyone?

I did wat i said..i wore my slippers to school just now..and i found tat, ppl are like sakai, never seen ppl wit slippers? They all who passed through beside me, or walked in front of me, keep peeping at my foot..wtf..ppl wit leg hurt also wan2 look..not sakai then wat?

I ordered some blings from my fren..de rainbow colours..don noe why but i seems to like it so much..so i ordered..waitin for de stuffs to come tomoro hehe..

I missed my liebe..just now afternoon, around 4plus? He came and we chat for short time only..but i'm happy..at least we chatted..

Nothin much interesting happened today..hmmm..oh ya, the panda tabung i bought yesterday, I BLINGED WIT DE JEWELS I BOUGHT LAST TYM....but sadly i cant post de pics here..mayb next tym then..

I've taken few photos, vaining again..stil thinking, should i straight send to my liebe? Or post in facebook..i stil think de first one better..hmmm..wat do u think, liebe? Let other ppl see me? Lol lol we'll discuss online tomoro..xp xp..

Haha..tat it? Xp xp

Monday, August 03, 2009

Here i'm, sleepless night..

Been think alot today..but its all bout goods..my teacher told me her past experience and she share wit us (whole class) her study experience when she's a student. And all of a sudden..hmmm, mayb to continue my study? Then another second, another voice came..no no no study anymore..stress, frustrating, homeworks, assignments, tests, exams and all sort of stuffs u could find in skul..no i don wan2 continue further studies..

After deciding (or mayb changing soon, due to..hmmm don noe yet), i don noe wat else to do, just stay at home and thinking wat my teacher said, and de stuffs and plans in my brain, and sort of things.

Been to shopping at afternoon. Went to Qlap hua ho and my mum go find her fren and i go find food and snacks (my siblings ordered as they don follow out) and after paying, when i'm up the elevator, my leg twist to de left, as high heel turns..and i know i sprained my toe..at tat moment i don feel anything.

I walked to my mum side and tel her tat i'm going to stationary section, second floor..and after leaving de bought stuffs there (beside my mum) i walk up the elevator, again..then when i passed the front part, i spotted tat, the white, transparent, panda tabung..

I carry it into de shop (which i'm oledi in it..just go behind..lol) and look here and there..and i saw the lucky star paper..last tym was $2.80 and today i saw was $2.30, and tat strike my brain.

I walk out, put back de tabung, and walk down de elevator, and walk to my mum side and i ask for de member card of hua ho, bcoz i left mine at home..

After tat, i walk up again, and grab the panda tabung, and walk in and take de 128lucky star paper..and i walk to de counter.

After buying, which costs me total $5 something..then i walk down happily..and then, when i walk near de elevator, my heel turn again and again i sprained my toe, same place, twice..and i felt there is bit swollen.

After buyin all the needs and wants, we proceed back home..my bed is a mess, so i clean up a bit and put my butt on my bed and continue my pokemon game..which, 4ppl in my house, are competing each other.

4of us using different place. My lil younger brother, quan, use gameboy advance, younger sister, juan, using pc at home, big younger brother, xiang use his laptop, and i use mine. And all playin different version.

Quan play crystal version, juan play silver version, xiang play platinum version and i play blue version..and i start from basics..

We compete levels, pokemon caught, badge earn, money, time and so on..tat wat we called, sharing the same hobby? Tat was really fun playin, then talk and share wit them..

Quite normal day full wit surprise and excitements..and its all fun, families, and frens..and there passed a day..so..tata.. =)

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Am i really sick? Wat should i do?

I just don noe wat to do? Feeling sick again..haven chat much wit him recently, didn't chat wit him yesterday..i feel empty..but he seems busy..

Right now i'm at skul, with this moody situation..i've check up, and my temperature didn't raise..so mayb i'm just too frustrated..or i'm just too tired for everything..

Wat else to do? No one wil understand me..no trust given, no advise given, no everything..no nothing..

I'm just an empty shell..don have any energy left..don have any aim, don have my target..

Knowing myself? Knowing my problem? Knowing my emotion? Knowing my fren? Knowing him? All no no no no no..

Headache again..just help help help..nothing wil help..no one willing to..or even myself..

There is only one thing in my mind, who wil be my destination? Those who i use to love, is no more, and wil this be? I don noe..something just went here and there in my mind..its blurry, its unclear, its a mystery, it is just an unsolve case..

There are many times tat i believe i found the true one..but each ends up like this..and tym by tym, i've lost believe and trust i've toward them..i cant control wat i think in my mind..

Can i stil believe someone? Can i stil believe man? Can i stil believe him?

My best baby told me..she got dump by her bf..the one she love..and tat she believe..but, wat happened..these all happened..wat's wrong wit man? Why cant just appreciate he've got? Why find othere again?

I'm hurt, my heart is hurt, my head is hurt, my body is hurt, my soul is hurt, my spirit is hurt..i'm hurt all over..

I just don noe how to settle something..i'm too naive for everything..i'm just too young for these..i don noe who else i can believe now..i'm all alone..

Myself, my life, my skul, my family, my fren, my liebe, my everything..can i stil go through these? Can i stil be like who i used to be? Can i? I'm not faithful..i'm not being trust, so should i trust ppl?