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Friday, July 31, 2009

Has been missing for two days

Ok here i'm again, but, not feel very happy tho..was on de bed for whole day now.

Early morning just now, woke at 9.30, being wake by my mum..ok i missed my extra class, and so, i don go..after tat i continue to slep til 11plus.

Then went out for lunch at the back of chms, eat kolomee..then went to berakas melimewah, and shop for awhile.

Back at home at 1plus and i get back to slep til 3plus, wake up, visit moba and then lay on bed til now.

Feelin very lazy today, not even wan2 wake and bring lappy to my side. Has plan for something else, but all didn't do..

Feel headache and body-ache, just don noe wat happen..feel tat my body very heavy, don even wan2 wake up.

Mayb getting sick again soon..don noe..a bit hot2, warm2 feelin on my forehead..

Lazy to go anywhere and lazy to do everythings..I'M JUST A LAZY FREAK..in everything..

July has almost ended and august is almost here but i stil don have any mood for exam..and my mock exam is just near the corner..i feel like i'm doomed..

Or mayb i just feel sad, don noe wat happen..and keep telling myself not to think bout it.got the feel of wanting to scold ppl but, nvm..don wan2 go online, or mayb a bit late later..

Many things flyin in my mind right now and i feel very frustrating..don noe how to explain this feeling, and don wan2 explain it too..plan to slep for whole day and don wan2 wake up..but it is impossible..

Keep mumbling and thinking..wat to do next..don have my direction..or mayb i should go and take a cold bath to make myself more awake? I don noe..

Don noe it is true o not but my sixth sense is here again..getting annoyed for almost everything..ok i have decided, not to online today..just slep slep slep or eat eat eat or lappy time..movie time or just do anything tat suit me right now..

I'm done for todays..farewell

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Considered a quite happy day

Woke up at 6 today, which is a bit, urmm..unusual (bcoz normally wake at 6.30) so, prepare as usual =) and went out from house as usual time. When i'm in skul, my mum called and told tat i din bring my water bottle (blank-minded again) and i told her a time for her to send, which is at 8am.

And i waited her outside my skul library. Impatient waiting, i on my laptop and start to save my college photos and my liebe's photos. And, at 8.15, she came and bring me my water bottle, and, handed me two egg sandwich..my favourite =) one for me and another is to pass to my brother.

After tat, i continue sitting outside library there, onlining and looking at pics..and uploaded my photos, and without realise, its 8.35..i was like, crap, i missed de appointment i had wit my classmate bout discussing homework.

And i proceed to the place, he was there..and he said..again..online saja..lol..then, de discussion delayed to tomoro..tat's me, blank-minded..i cant really remember my appointment or dates (if have) unless i jot them down..

Then, have gp class, continueing discussion about stereotype and discrimination, then break. After break, have economic..boring as usual..then, math. After math, only ten minutes break and i start my next class, which is accounting, at 12.15..

Teacher let us out early, at 1plus. Me and yuni and humaidatul stay back and have some discussion bout our presentation for monday. It ends around 1.40 and i walk to library.

Hiding at de back and start to online. Was on-ing facebook and my liebe text me in fb..so i go msn..and we chat and chat..and he made me so happy =)

Actually promised him tat wil wan2 online tonight but, due to too much work to do..so i didn't, instead..i msg-ed him and apologized..and then, i continue wit my work..

Just another boring day wit one more happy memory =)

Don noe wat happened to me today..feel moody..

This was suppose to post up last night..and i felt asleep..

As i mentioned early just now, i blogged at 5plus. After blogged, i rest for few minutes then wake and prepare for school..but things getting worse. I'm de last one to wake among my sibs..being scold by mum..cant find my books, haven even prepare everything..i feel crap..

Then when arrive at skul..i tot it would be ok..but..cant get along wit frens, text book left out, tiring walking, even tired of talking..along de path..weaving wit frens..halo-ing..this and that.

First thing first, pay school fee. My mum handed me a note $500 and asked me to pay for me and my bro's skul fee..so i did..but unfortunately, tat teacher don have any change (me n my bro skul fee total $425, so teacher have to pay back $75), so he called me to collect it during recess.

I don have any mood for classes. Straight 4class ahead, continuous. Gp was stil ok..working wit frens on 'stereo type of students' and having a good time in gp.

Next is economic. Before i went into class, i walked to library and wanting to find my bro. He wasn't there, and i saw his another classmate, kim, i asked him if he have got his text book wit him but he didn't. He was kind enough and help me borrowed a text book, from my bro's another classmate, ron..

After economic, we are having 20min break..lots for me to do..first, returned ron's book back to him. After thanking him, i went to administration block to collect my change of school fee..i don have any appetite for oily breakfast, so..i don eat..

After break, i'm having math..agrh..my headache come again..but..after resting for a lil while, i feel ok, and continue my class, since i skipped a class on saturday due to sick.

Then..accounting time..i get so frustrate out and start to look out de window. Then lay on table..tiring..the class seems long..

Then when arrive at home..slep..when i wake up, i feel better..at night, chattin wit him =) but feel a bit sad. He played game de whole midnight.

So yea, i was trying to act fierce and sad, but it don work at all. Haha, so we just say good nite and log off. Then, i didn't slep, i wrote this long passage, and felt asleep..

So..here it is, wil be update frequently start now =) see ya..

Monday, July 27, 2009

Here i'm again =)

In this early time, (my clock shows 5.50) feel wan2 slep but have to wake and prepare soon..so i blogged =) well..just normal and random stuffs

I woke up at 3plus am just now to finish my economic notes (due today) de first time ever, i stayed awake for economic..bcoz normally, i don do her work..so, is this a miracle o wat..lol..

Last night around 11plus pm, after logging off my msn, finished chatting wit him, i went straight to bed..keep thinking, wat happened to my baby xiao ting. Hope she don do something silly..

My eyes lids become heavier..and slept when listening to songs in my phone (needed for relaxation)

Dreamt of past just now..and woke up by some bad word i said..hell..how can i say tat..tat was so rude..it was so sudden..loud and clear, and i'm awake.

While doing my work just now..was thinking of my baobei~don noe wat tym he slept bcoz he told me he wil slep late last night (tel me when you see this baobei~hehe)

I went out for lunch yesterday, and i spent alot on my snacks and junks..haha..i love to eat..yum yum xp..

I'm stil hiding in my blanket, it's cold here..love my blanket =)

I've to get prepared soon..so, til here first..catch up later =) (stil hiding in blanket xp)

Friday, July 17, 2009

juz normal lifes

get really tiring nowadays...especially wit my studies!!! but lukily got someone's company (bet u're smilling now when u see this). it all happened that day at my bday..

6 July 2009 : as usual (past year, past past year) i stayed up late and wait for the time to pass 12AM. was busying replying facebook comments and wall posts..then, he came.we juz chat randomly...and saying and asking each other's life..well...it was so unexpected, bcoz we never chat like tat b4.

that night, we chat until the next day, mentioning past stuffs and regreting treating each other so badly b4...and tat's where our friendship starts again...

7 July 2009 : my bf didn't msg me wishing happy bday, but did it de next day afternoon. i got so angry and asked for break up...he didn't say anything else but juz 'ok'...i admit i was a bit sad tat tym when seeing his msg, but then, i feel relief... since he don wan de relationship, so might as well, juz seperate...and, there ends the chapter of my life, wit him...

but i didn't know tat another chapter was follow by...tat night, i chat wit him, the guy i used to hate and treated badly to...we chat for a long time..and only until tat moment, i realised i did too much mistake and i'm going to correct it again..he gave me de chance..and accepted the frenship

for the following few days...his affection increased rapidly, i without my notice, sparks of love began in our heart...we chat and chat, and day by day passed...mayb u all didn't believe, but, yea, in tat short time, we confirmed each other..

well...saying bout him, it wil be a long posts....so....more to say next time...