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Saturday, March 14, 2009

a new happy day for me..

today is my test drive day..i've just finish it this afternoon..it was so close..
I start de test at 1.30, the officer says want it to end fast so we start early..i nearly cant pass..
First was uphill..i failed once and de nice officer give me a second chance..lucky me..she call me to take de second road so i drive drive drive..i return to jpd safely..after tat is a guys turn, he go on road and parking straight..when he start park, de officer went out de car..she approach my teacher and say something..
Something devil..she ask my teacher why she allow us to wear jeans..this us is pointing me and tat guy..omg..i was thinking, am i gonna be failed?
I've no more confident in my parking..but i also do it..my teacher take me to de place and open de driver door..call me to walk from behind so tat de officer wont spot me..i did..and start park..after tat i wait at de window there and de officer pass me a sheet of paper and call me to go my teacher there..my teacher call me to sit properly there and don go around..til my mum come..haha i was so lucky..
After driving test..i wan2 go de mall..so i call my mum to send me there..having fun wit all de duelist..its de tournament today..but stil got bad..fighting wit him again, arguing..haiz..but glad, finally got license le..

Thursday, March 12, 2009

my latest information

i've just finish my ninth driving lesson today..tat day my teacher tell me my exam date is on the 16th march, which is the coming monday..i'm oledi very stress..today when having economic, afternoon, i receive my teacher's miss call..after i finish de class, at 2pm, i call her back..she told me that my test drive is on 14th march, white valentine, which is this saturday..WAT THE FUCK..i was really stress..then she mention tat i've stil left 2more hour..so it wil be this afternoon..OH MY GOD..STRESS STRESS..the time is decreasing..agrh..really wish for pass ar..haiz..stil cant stable at de hill..haiz..just now tried three tym..only one perfect..agrh..frens who read this..plz..do wish me luck..i really need it..

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

some more updates

i was currently learning cars nowadays..
Today is my seventh period..my teacher wants to teach me at JPD..so, my mum take me from skul at 3.45, then straight send me to JPD..i was so nervous as it is de first tym i start my lesson there..the up hill was so damn difficult..i've been scold a few times bcoz of de up hill thingy..owh i hate it..but stil, i have to learn, to get license..
So many car on de road..i passed the round about, then go back to JPD for the second try..de second try is a bit ok then de first tym..my teacher say tat i could manage de up hill things soon..then she say tat my on road and parking and de rest is ok oledi..i might get to test soon..so happy to hear tat..haha
After my second try, the JPD gate is lock, so my teacher tell me to drive to stadium..otw we stopped at petrol station for her fuel to fill..then continue..de road seems smooth for me already..
Hope i can get through soon..till here first..tata