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Friday, February 27, 2009

more update

sorry lack of update lately..was really busy wit my stuffs..
=my driving lessons which i might be having test drive on 5march..
=homeworks..tons and tons of homework..
=my social life..i might be being back wit my boyfriend..
=skul test and assignments..hate it..
=my house thingy..erm well just some arguement wit my mum..bcoz not having same opinion mayb..

Tons and tons of things in mind..some cant be describe wit words..i'll try my best to say it out..lolz..

Almost broke..buying too much booster lately..the golden series cards..try to earn money..but well, quite success tho..just only abit..but then, its a good beginning..

I've a boyfriend which oledi together for 1year, last year, my mum heard something bad bout him, and force us to break up..but i stil love him alot..last week, we met again..we spoke out all the happy and unhappy stuff..then realised, both of us never forget each other..we planned to be together secretly..but not yet start..just can stay contact is enough for me..

Hmmm until today, i only learned 5hours car, but tat day, my teacher tells me tat i can go and subscribe my name to have test drive..and since my temporary license ends at 5march, my teacher says i can have my test on tat day..i'm very very wory..i scare my parking, and up hill..and on road and the road 1, 2, 3..scare i cant remember wat my teacher had taught..

Hmmm don noe wat else to share..these are suppose to be post last week..but i'm too busy..so owes delay and postponed..until today..haha..erm til here first..wil say more next tym

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just passed through a boring day..

Omg..today is really bored..wake at 6, go skul at 7, start class at 8, have personal test at 8.45..bored..continue class at 10, another at 11, lunch at 12, start class again at 1 go home at 4, bath at 5, watch tv at 6, eat dinner at 7..tv again at 8..posting this at 9..sleeping at 10..

Wat the hell am i talking here..lolz lolz my brain thinking wat kan..i'm just bout to say tat i wont be here so soon as i'm having driving lesson, skul test, skul works and other junks..

Really really sorry for those who really read and care bout me..i'll be back as soon as i finish all my things and wil post more again..tata for now..

Sunday, February 15, 2009


(yesterday)today is the valentine day..well no date no presents no invitation from any guys..owh might as well, i've rejected one guy..but not my fault..its not on de right time, have to..lolz..
But..something more interesting than valentine..i'm having my second driving lesson today..oh it was really really fun..spin one big round around the stadium, then i learn my parking..de first tym, feel really shaky, and my legs really tiring pressing the clutch..omg..another torturing lesson tomoro..again lolz..well really hope can get license as soon as possible..so no more torturing haha..
My car died off alot of times when i step clutch and release..agrh..cant control clutch stil..so mafan a..lolz..hopes everything end faster..with flying colours..tat's all for now..tata..tel more later bout my classes..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

omg it was fun..

today is de day i start having my driving lessons..my mum take me to stadium there..and meet my teacher..tat tym there's someone using de car, BL 535, so my teacher call me to wait..then when my mum go back, my teacher ask me to shu on de driver's seat..and fasten my seat belt..then start de driving..first my teacher call me to step the clutch and let down the hand brake..and give gear 1, the car start move..haha i'm like sakai lolz..start at de parking at de stadium..try to get use to de control of steering and clutch, i don use the gas first..turn 3or 4round there..its about 20minutes i learn there..then my teacher call me to start on the road..haha yeah first day of driving, start for around 20minutes and can go on the road..haha..but she's holding the steering, for her safety mayb? Haha..i go round and round..firstly, slow and steady..and add the gas (gas or oil?) step by step..lolz..and from gear 1, to gear 2 then to gear 3, the highest is gear 3..my engine died out for 3times..lolz..and the teacher pull hand brake once bcoz i step the brake hardly lolz..haha de car stop at once..lolz..around 40minutes turning and driving on the road..:) learn to control steering and brake and clutch..haha..but it was really fun..have another class on saturday, 3pm..haha
Well til here then..tata..more update soon..bcoz gonna go someone's bday now..tata..

a bit of update of this few days things..

lack of update last week bcoz i've test from monday to saturday..and this monday, it was cap go meh..which we known as de last day of chinese new year..
Celebrate cap go meh is one of de many religion..on tat day, the whole family wil gather around and have reunion dinner, not de same as the reunion dinner before chinese new year, tat is known as tuan yuan fan, this tuan yuan fan is having dinner wit one family only, like my family, my mum cooked on tat day, we all sit together and have tuan yuan fan..cap go meh is all the relatives gather in one place and eat dinner..
I only have 3family here..one family is my gu zhang, my gu gu and kenny koko, another house is my shu shu, my shen shen, jack koko and shirley jie jie..ours is de third family..both parents and 5children..on de day, they all gather in my house..my mum is the cooker..we all enjoy my mum's cook..
After dinner, they play fire cracker..and at the same time, me, my sis and my dad go to airport to fetch my cousin, who wan2 come for tourist..we fetch him home..
When i arrived home i see they all oledi start playing the cracker..me and my cousin join in..then suddenly an unexpected visitor came..ah pao uncle and his two daughter..join our dinner..
This year is really fun..not like last year we dine in my gu gu house..no fun at all..haha..til here then..tata..

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

wat happened to me (part 3)

i mention tat i'm going to have my blog update on monday..but yesterday wat really very busy..
Here, i'm gonna continue..the fifth day of new year sure happened alot of things..the sixth day now..at de night of the sixth day, my mum and dad bring us to ah hak uncle house..they called us since de first day of new year..there were buffet and kids to play with..(huh? Sound wierd..) anyway..when we went there, there was a few rain drops..my dad park de car far bcoz knowing tat later will be having lion dance visit..
We went there at around 7pm..and start de buffet at half an hour later..after dinner, we wait and wait for de lion dance..de uncle say tat de lion dance promise to come at 8plus, but we wait until 8.30..i saw johny, ah ber and evon..they are following de lion dance..so many fire crackers were put..so loud..
We went back at 12am..de second day my dad say he win some money, so gonna take us to yam cha..
There is nothin special happened for de following day..i went to my fren house to pay a visit on sunday afternoon, and some of my fren come to my house that night..after tat there was nothing special happened..
I'm going to end this here..check out my next update..tata

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

wat happened to me (part 2)

as i mention last post, i was visiting my dady's fren's house from the first day of new year..
Now i'm going to continue the fifth day..today is quite fun..since it is friday, i wake up abit late..at around 11, and i've promised my fren to go mall today, i went there at 1plus, saw the duelist at food court..i buy some tarts for lunch and have some duel with wen hua and jerry..i went back at around 3.30, my mum said tat my bro is going to hann house, as hann invite me too, so after picking me up from mall, she went to berakas to pick my bro and some of his fren..hann house is at muara, so we went straight there..
Begin de first gamble of the year hehe..at start, lose to pauline, lose some to yap too..after having lunch, we start again de gamble (we include: me, hann, xiang, shen, mj. Xing, and shen's fren, alex) actually i'm winning, but after alex join in,
I lose a bit stil..after calculation, found out i stil win 36, not bad la..haha..
Get to noe some new fren at hann house..saw lax, ming's fren, ah lung..but then they left early..we stay there until around 11pm..bcoz my dady go one unknown uncle house gamble..lolz..father like tat son and daughter follow lolz..
Will talk more bout the sixth day in part3..

Monday, February 02, 2009

Wat happen to me..(part 1)

Has been a week..now i'm gonna post wat happen for my last week cny..
On de first day, as i said on my last post, went visit my dady's fren's house..agrh tat night slep late..
On the second day, wake early morning, bcoz have class in morning, go home at 12, went to ppl's house wearing skul uniform..wtf..went to a uncle house to get change..miserable man..really malu ar..at night went to mamy's boss house..went home at 10, two uncle follow us home, and my dad drink and talk wit them again..but i slep early la..
The third day..being wake up by my bro at 3am..telling me tat my floor flood, again..wtf..i wake immediate and clean up de things on the floor..pile all things up on my bed..omg so full my bed..i've to put things beside and squeeze in to fit me..lolz..having class again agrh..so tired when class tat day..hmmm went home at around 3..head back home slep..
On de forth day, same, having class, but its a fun day today..at night we went to a uncle house, its at bengkurung, when we wants to go, de aunty went and take red pack for us..she gave me de different pack from my siblings..when we at car, we check out wat's inside..they have $5, its unlucky for me as all my siblings have 5 and i only get $4, bcoz of tat different pack..haiz..